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Soul Realignment

Training to access the Akashic Records to read the Soul Blueprint

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Sean's Journey 

I grew up in a non-religious, non-spiritual family. 

I was a very active kid playing soccer, AFL and riding my bike through the streets. My family were members of a water skiing club and I loved spending time water skiing, knee-boarding, wakeboarding and riding my motorbike. I had no desire to go to university so I left school after completing year 11 and became a plumber and gas fitter.  

2011 was a turning point in my life as I was competing in mixed martial arts along with working as a plumber. I had a vision to travel the world and learn different disciplines of martial arts with the ambition to fight my way to becoming a UFC World Champion.

I was extremely unhappy and unfulfilled being a plumber and was passionate about fighting, mastering health, nutrition and mindset. I've had 8 amateur boxing fights and 6 mixed martial arts bouts.

In 2011 I attended a 3 day meditation retreat in Thailand and through 2011 and 2012 I spent time exploring who I was, what I wanted in life and how I was going to achieve it. As I was preparing for my world adventure I decided I wanted to work with athletes as a mindset coach. I started my education to become a life coach at the end of 2012. In that very same week I met a girl who would soon become my sons mother.

I trust everything happens for a reason and my spirit had a grander plan for me and my son was the bump to putting me on track to my life purpose!

We conceived our son Tyler in January 2013 which was completely unplanned and unexpected. The news of becoming a father was a shock to me and the circumstances with Tyler's mother were unpleasant.

I went through a dark night of the soul and experienced a roller-coaster of emotions being conflicted between my dreams and being a present father. 

I immersed myself into a deep journey of transformation and healing to re-create myself, to become a better man and be the best role model for my son.


During the pregnancy my best mates mother helped me through these tough times and played a big part in my spiritual awakening. She opened me up to the realms of energy and spirit, from experiencing reiki, crystals and teaching me about spirituality, philosophy, laws of the universe and gave me deeper understanding of what I was going through and the situation I was experiencing.

It was during my first reiki healing session that I experienced an overwhelming and significant flow of energy go through me, a clear quartz with amethyst ball wand was placed on my chest. The powerful energy flow I felt and energetic shifts in my body activated me into what was the beginning of understanding life beyond the physical world.  

I started my education with learning life coaching, then progressing into becoming a certified master of neuro-linguistic programming and certified hypnotherpist. I was completely obsessed with learning transformational change work, exploring meditation, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, personality profiling, human behaviour models, astrology, numerology, human development, brainwaves and consciousness which gave me the ability to start creating profound change in my own life and others.

In 2014 I discovered The Emotion Code and The Body Code System to remove the imbalances and trapped emotions from our body. It's with the combination of coaching, NLP, hypnosis and energy healing with The Emotion & Body Code that I was creating powerful, fast and effective transformational change for my clients, and myself.

Through 2014-15 I was exploring the many methods and ways to meditate. I completed a 10 day Vipassana Silent Meditation retreat and completed a LifeFlow meditation course. After many attempts and practice I had an Out of Body Experience and a few lucid dreams.

In 2016 I began learning about ThetaHealing as I was working towards activating and increasing my psychic & intuitive abilities. I became a sun-gazer for a few months staring directly into the sun at sunrise and sunset which helped open up my abilities. I became certified as a ThetaHealer in 2017 and it became the dominant modality I used day to day with my clients, all healing being done by distance. I've completed six ThetaHealing Courses. 

At the end of 2017 I was drawn to Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics. I became certified at the beginning of 2018. It has helped me clear significant karmic issues and take my healing abilities to the next level. Holographic Kinetics is a very deep tool to heal spirit, change our timeline, clearing karma and making huge shifts in our reality, including the ability to heal through our genetic line and past lives.


In 2018 I completed Dr. Joe Dispenza's Online Progressive and Intensive Workshops and attended a week-long Advanced Retreat here on the Sunshine Coast. I also did an online training called Soul Re-Alignment which trained me in how to access the Akashic Records and read a persons soul blueprint.

In 2019 I became an Integral Life Member after purchasing Ken Wilber's SuperHumanOS program in 2015 it took a few years for me to be ready to fully embrace Integral Theory.

I currently live on the Sunshine Coast with my son Tyler, I have him 50% shared with his mum. I love what I do, the life I have created with my son. My healing practice is open for clients to come see me face to face although the majority of my work is done by distance.

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