Trapped Emotions: The Epidemic of Chaos

Humans are plagued with trapped emotions that come in various forms of energy. The imbalances they create in our body are responsible for the majority of the pain, disease, injury, fatigue, mental and emotional issues we’re afflicted with in our lifetime. Trapped emotions lower the immune system function and destroy the health of our body which will remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine. Trapped emotions are spheres of vibrating energy which become lodged in the body during our life experiences, although it is possible to receive trapped emotions pre-natal, pre-conception and inherit them from our parents, grandparents and our ancestors. These energies can become trapped in any part of

4 Reasons to Remove the Heart-Wall

A heartwall is formed as a protective mechanism to keep the heart from being hurt or broken. When experiencing deep emotions like grief, hurt or loss it can be like an assault on the deepest part of our being, our heart. The feelings of heartbreak can be difficult to deal with and it results in the formation of an energetic “wall” put up to protect the heart from future negative emotions. This wall is like the layers of an onion with each emotion or imbalance being surrounded layer by layer around the heart. Having a heart-wall is perfect protection when we need it; it’s a natural protective mechanism we all have but having a heart-wall long term would be like living inside of a bomb shelter

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