The MAJOR cause of INSOMNIA!

Are you tired of being tired, and craving a rejuvenating sleep? Are you ready to throw away your sleeping pills, or maybe you've "tried everything"? This is the missing puzzle piece that can solve more than just your sleeping disorder! When we experience emotions they can become trapped within our body as energies which we refer to as “trapped energies”, “trapped emotions” or “emotional baggage”. These energies are the most common type of imbalance in the body causing all sorts of physical, mental and emotional problems for people. Trapped emotions will also cause you to create more of their kind. This means if you have a trapped emotion of panic, you’ll tend to feel panic or anxiety more

Are unhealthy addictions ruling your life?

Work, Money, Destructive Relationships, Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Pornography, Illnesses, Junk Food, Sugar, Drama and the list goes on… The key word is UNHEALTHY because it is possible to achieve success in work, finances or create harmony in life without the need for excess of one thing to bring in our source of love and happiness. It’s the common misconception that if we release our addictions then we won’t be fulfilled because as unhealthy as it may be, the addiction is meeting our needs in the best way we know how. Ultimately if we knew how to do better we would but we do have that big scary word sitting right in front of us; CHANGE! People fear what change may bring but the truth is b

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