The Truth about Lower Back Pain!

It's important to note; every case of Lower Back Pain is unique with different causes, incidents and imbalances that have created the issue. A very common misconception is that physical injury or pain is caused at the time of the initial ache or pain. This is in fact false in most cases, obviously to the exception of uncontrollable accidents of high force or impact etc. The injury on the physical body is due to energetic imbalances creating vulnerability, therefore leaving the physical body open to injury and strain, and vice versa! Any new injuries can still acquire imbalances or the body may have pre-existing imbalances, which means the injury will never fully heal itself! Everyone has

Natural Medicine vs Western Medicine

The vast majority of healing literature in the western world is materialistic - based on materialism, which is the conceptual foundations of conventional medicine. This is known as upward causation which becomes limited by level of advancement in the medical and scientific world. How upward causation works; elementary particles make atoms, atoms make molecules, molecules make cells (neurons), neurons make the brain, the brain makes consciousness. Pharmaceuticals, unnecessary surgery, radiation therapy etc can all be avoided by selecting natures way of healing that have been available since the beginning of time which the ancient civilisations used. In the energy medicine paradigm, we op

Entities, Cordings, Curses, Saboteurs and Hypnotic Suggestions

Every client I have worked with I have found and removed entities from, it doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist or a lightworker. We’re all vulnerable to being attacked, both by humans and entities no matter what our belief system is. After working with several reiki practitioners and empaths, I’ve discovered, they have LOTS of entities attached to and around them. Despite calling upon god or the angels for protection and using various methods of clearing and protection. Entities can remain hidden, they can be deeply buried, and they can return if not completely dealt with by removing all attachments and connections! To keep it simple, there are two types of entities I remove from people; Di

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