General Session Information

Miracles can happen in a Single Session!

Sean focuses directly on the highest priority issues based on the outcome you want to achieve in the session.

Through his connection to Spirit, Sean is guided to what is most important to work on in order to get the highest and best outcome.

Sean is a certified medical intuitive and identifies with being an intuitive empath. Extrasensory information naturally flows to Sean in order to find issues within the mind, body, soul, shadow and spirit.

Every client, every session and every issue is unique and different to heal.

There is no set time or predictability on how long or how many sessions it will take to resolve an issue or reach an outcome.

Major issues can be healed instantly and some issues take time with layers to work through.

Healing by Distance Sessions can be completed by Facebook Video Call, GoToMeeting or Phone Call.

Face to Face Sessions are available in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast.

Results are exactly the same no matter the location or distance apart.

Sessions can include Healing, Coaching and Guidance with each session being personalised to you.

Facebook Messenger or Email Support is available between sessions and after completion of healing.

Exercises to Support Integration and Healing Activities are provided based on each persons needs.

Contact Sean for a recommendation or if you have any other questions

Face to Face Sessions

Face to Face Sessions are specifically for Healing Spirit with Holographic Kinetics to resolve issues such as;

- Resolving Karma
- Changing the Cycles of Time

- Attempted Suicide or Self Harm

- Deep Genetic and Past Life Issues

- Repeating Issues & Problems

- Paranormal Activity

- Voices in Head & Spiritual Attack

- Clearing Land & Buildings

These issues can also be resolved with Healing by Distance Sessions, contact Sean for a recommendation.

Group Sessions

Guided Meditations & Group Healing Sessions are done via GoToMeeting with the details coming through in email once booking.

Local Group Healing Sessions are held all over the Sunshine Coast.

Check Facebook and Booking System for more details on Group Series available.

Healing Session Packages

These packages can be split between 1 to 3 people for Healing by Distance Sessions.

Sessions are booked in based on the clients needs and the recommendations of Sean.

A multitude of results can be achieved through the packages including many unexpected positive outcomes;

  • Greater levels of health, happiness and wellbeing.

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem.

  • Identify and transform unhealthy core beliefs and emotions.

  • Resolve trauma, abuse and emotional issues.

  • Clear fears, phobias, anxiety, PTSD and depression.

  • Ability to attract a soul mate and healthy relationships.

  • Develop healthy boundaries and change the way people treat you. 

  • Being able to nurture healthy and fulfilling relationships.

  • Increased creativity and connection with inner child.

  • Learn new ways of experiencing life through positive emotions.

  • Increased ability for forgiveness and compassion.

  • Release the regret, resentments and rejections of the past.

  • Become liberated from addictions and self-destructive behaviour.

  • Develop and increased levels of self-awareness.

  • Make manifesting wealth and prosperity easier.

  • Deepen your spiritual connection.

  • Acceleration and alignment to your life path and divine timings.

  • Open, activate and heighten psychic senses and intuitive abilities.

  • Activate DNA strands for youth and vitality chromosomes.

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Sean Kolders is trained and certified in Holographic Kinetics & ThetaHealing. Sean is not a licensed medical professional or doctor. Sean does not diagnose. Information provided by Sean is a suggested course of action. You always have a choice in your direction and future.  All session information must never take the place of a medical diagnose, treatment, or professional medical advice. Healing Sessions and Packages are non-refundable unless under special circumstances.