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The Game of Life is a 8 Stage process to Abundance!

This 8 stage course is designed to remove specific limiting beliefs and instill hundreds of feelings to achieve greater success in life and business.

Designed to unite spirituality and money, aligning your business and financial goals with your soul calling and mission.

Bridging the gap between business and spirituality can be easy if we have our beliefs in alignment.


This course is will allow you to focus on your vision and release the belief-blocks around the creation of your life purpose. 

Stage 1 - Energetic Clean-up
Before getting into the structure of Game of Life it's important to address what's most important to be cleared and healed. This stage sets the foundation for the rest of the stages. 

Stage 2 - Free Yourself from Parent Obligations

Release the negative beliefs that are associated with parents that limit you, release anger, criticism, rejections, resentment, expectations, fears, and disappointments.


Stage 3 - Heal Past Relationships, Releasing Trauma, Shock, Abuse and Emotional Upsets.

Are you still energetically tied to any part of your past?

If so, is it holding you back in some way now?

What is still draining your energy from past relationships, jobs; attachments to past successes or failures?


Stage 4 - Get Accepted by Society

What will your friends and family say if you change professions now?

Is there a fear of abundance if you do this?

How will others react to your changes?

Do you have a fear of rejection from society?

Do you have genetic self confidence beliefs hindering you?

Do you allow yourself to be who you really are?


Stage 5 - Handle Peer Pressure

How will your peers react to your change and successes?

Will they be jealous or angry?

Will your friendships change?

Do you fear losing friends and family if you create more abundance?


Stage 6 - Receive Infinite Abundance & Own Your Power

We will look at what your comfort zone is and going beyond that, and any blocks to doing this 

Are you comfortable with success?

Do you feel you have to be perfect or always procrastinate?  

Do you have a fear of using your true power and potential?

Who will be hurt if you use your full power?


Stage 7 - Get Ready to Succeed 

What are the issues that are hindering your abilities?

What if these are resolved?

Can you embrace success?

Are you worthy and deserving of it now?


Stage 8 - Visioning and Manifestation

All of the belief work and healing will help you eliminate numerous barriers; you will have much stronger power to manifest now!
What is your biggest block to creating and manifesting?

You will be able to feel a new sense of alignment with your vision and manifest easier.


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