The Heart-Wall

Becoming Heart-Wall-less will Unlock Abundance to Better Health, Wealth, Relationships and Happiness.

The results clients have received from clearing the Heart-Wall:

  • Ability to give and receive love on a deeper level.

  • Heal past heartbreaks and emotional traumas.

  • Find true calling and live hearts desire.

  • Enhance creative abilities.

  • Remove blockages from creating success & wealth.

  • Release depression and emotional numbness.

  • Remove feelings of isolation and disconnection from others.

  • Remove patterns of repetitive negative emotions and unhealthy habits.

  • Heal physical aches, pains and injuries.

  • Deal with heart disease, remove chances of heart attacks and high blood pressure.

  • Improve immune system function and promote healing of the body.

  • Feelings of peace, lightness and new sense for life.

Removing the Heart-Wall is the fastest, simplest and most effective way to quickly and easily rid ourself of damaging emotional baggage and imbalances causing havok in the body.

Our heart is the centre of our being and it is through our hearts that we actively give and receive love which means our heart is vulnerable to emotional injury.

The ancients believed and now research indicates that our heart is a second brain, one more powerful than the brain in our head!

Emotions can become trapped in our body, and sometimes they trap in and around our hearts. This can be caused by any sort of event, the end of a relationship, a death of someone we love, a hurtful comment, an intense emotional experience etc etc.

A trapped emotion consists of pure energy, which means our subconscious mind will take this energy and literally build a wall with it around our hearts as protection.  We've probably all heard someone say or on television, “I’ll never be hurt like that again” or “They really have a guard up”. 

We emit our Heart-wall and people can subconsciously and consciously sense this protection we’ve created. The Heart-Wall can close us off to people and experiences that can take the beauty out of life.


Heart Walls affect us in two main ways, although there are many affects as stated above:

  • Heart-Walls prevent us from fully opening our hearts to others. A Heart Wall can numb us to the feelings of others, making it difficult to connect to people and loved ones. 

  • Heart-Walls block energy from flowing throughout the body. This makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself, resulting in physical and emotional pains. The Heart-Wall is often more associated with shoulder, neck and back pain.

When a Heart Wall is removed, amazing things will happen. Sometimes people notice an immediate change, for some they notice gradual results over time depending on the type of Heart-Wall and what it was made of. 

Imagine, finally being able to feel deeply again. Feeling the love from the people around you, being able to openly feel love without fear. The numbness and isolating feelings you may have once felt, is a thing of the past.


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