Holographic Kinetics 

Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics is an advanced Aboriginal healing technique based on an ancient understanding of Lore. This healing modality can assist people to clear their issues by helping them to access the causes of their problems. The causes may be in this life, a past life or in one of their ancestors lives and Holographic Kinetics can help to bring them back into balance. It can also assist to clear inter-dimensional interference from a persons energy field. Steve Richards, the founder of Holographic Kinetics introduces this technique and talks about the need for us to heal our spirits from the trauma that we have carried with us through time.

Holographic Kineetics can be used for the following

  • Personal Healing – breaking through repeating patterns, clearing trauma, metaphysical interference.

  • Space clearing – energetic disturbance for home or office or setting up good space.

  • Land Trauma – the land may hold old traumas that need clearing.

  • Business – your business has its own metaphysical energy which can have blocks or interference holding it back

  • Pets – surrogate your pets energy into you to clear issues and start the healing process for any animal.

  • Marriage & Partnerships – your business partnership or marriage is its own separate entity and may have blocks or stuck energy. Surrogating the entity of the business or marriage can clear blockages and pave the way for a successful partnership into the future

Holographic Kinetics assists the client by accessing the cause of the issues.

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Addictions

  • Abundance Issues

  • Weight Management

  • Past Life Issues

  • Genetic & Hereditary Issues

  • Psychic Attack

  • House Disturbances

  • Contracts and Agreements of Entrapment

  • Trauma

  • Inter-dimensional Interference

  • Internal and External Entity Attachments

  • Paranormal Activity


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