4 Reasons to Remove the Heart-Wall

A heartwall is formed as a protective mechanism to keep the heart from being hurt or broken. When experiencing deep emotions like grief, hurt or loss it can be like an assault on the deepest part of our being, our heart. The feelings of heartbreak can be difficult to deal with and it results in the formation of an energetic “wall” put up to protect the heart from future negative emotions. This wall is like the layers of an onion with each emotion or imbalance being surrounded layer by layer around the heart.

Having a heart-wall is perfect protection when we need it; it’s a natural protective mechanism we all have but having a heart-wall long term would be like living inside of a bomb shelter our whole lives. We miss out on experiencing a full range emotions and experiences that brings love and joy to life.

Having a Heart-Wall disadvantages us in many ways!

1. It blocks our ability to give and receive love freely.

When the heartwall is taken down it will allow us to attract new people and experiences into our lives because of the energetic change in our being. The removal of the heartwall gives us the ability to manifest and attract a lover or connect deeper with an existing lover. People with heartwalls can easily suffer from depression, numbness, a sense of isolation and anxiety. The heart wall can also cause us to self-sabotage our relationships.

2. It blocks our creative abilities and will block us from creating success.

Our best self and all of our best creativity and potential comes from the heart, in the heart-brain not the brain in our head. If we want to achieve everything we’re capable of then we need to have a heart that is fully open and able to express all that is in our heart. This will allow us to live the most happy, healthy and wealthy lives.

3. It creates addictions to inappropriate, harmful and pleasurable things.

An addictive heart energy is a specific frequency of energy created by the Heart-Wall and forms because of it. Addictive heart energies include patterns of repetitive negative emotions, cravings for sugar or food, desire for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and pornography. An addictive heart energy may also cause repetitive sickness or illness.

4. It prevents physical healing and creates physical pain Having a heart-wall can cause us pain and make physical healing difficult because the heart emanates messages of healing to the body. Therefore removing the heartwall is beneficial to physical healing of the body. If you are ready to remove your Heart-Wall and transform your life then click here to Get Results with Sean.

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