Trapped Emotions: The Epidemic of Chaos

Humans are plagued with trapped emotions that come in various forms of energy. The imbalances they create in our body are responsible for the majority of the pain, disease, injury, fatigue, mental and emotional issues we’re afflicted with in our lifetime. Trapped emotions lower the immune system function and destroy the health of our body which will remain undiagnosed by conventional medicine.

Trapped emotions are spheres of vibrating energy which become lodged in the body during our life experiences, although it is possible to receive trapped emotions pre-natal, pre-conception and inherit them from our parents, grandparents and our ancestors.

These energies can become trapped in any part of the body and the energy spheres are usually the size of an orange to the size of a rock melon. When we do not process emotional experiences then the emotion will find a place in the body that is most vulnerable to lodge itself.

An example is an athlete that overworks a certain body part and then after time it becomes damaged physically. Unfortunately this is then usually diagnosed as “wear and tear” or the result of impact etc which may be part of the cause but not the entirety of the injury or the original source of the injury to begin with.

For example, a teenage football player has a dispute with his parents after a football game and becomes angry. The emotion isn't processed and because the knee joint is worn out from excessive exercise and the movement the emotion then lodges itself in the knee as it’s the most vulnerable. 15 years later they no longer play football because of a knee injury and has had knee surgery to rectify the injury that never is 100% again.

Dr. Bradley Nelson the founder and creator of The Emotion & Body Code System says in every case of cancer he has seen, there have been trapped emotions as part of the underlying reason for the cancers existence. Trapped emotions disrupt blood, lymph and energy flow which interferes with the way our organs function.

Emotions being trapped cause self-sabotage and patterns of feelings we regularly experience. We can make false assumptions, overreact, misinterpret behaviour and short circuit our relationships. Depression, anxiety, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, bi polar and other emotional and mental issues are a major result in having trapped emotions.

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