Remove Creativity Blocks and Self-Sabotaging Patterns!

In the western world we consider the heart just pumps blood around our body, in the eastern and ancient world the heart is considered to be much more. The heart is an intelligent brain that can think for itself and it’s a common misconception that our creativity only comes from our mind. In fact more messages are transmitted to the brain from the heart than they are from the brain to the heart. I would like to bring attention to how the heart relates to our creativity, but more importantly how it can be the reason we’re blocked from tapping into our full capacity of creativity. This specific blockage is specific trapped emotion that can form in or around the heart, it’s called a creative insecurity. The Definition of Creative Insecurity: Feeling unsafe or untrusting the self about the creation or development of anything including relationships, family, health, money, career or artistic endeavors. It’s a feeling of insecurity that arises and blocks the creative and creation process.

Most people can resonate with creative insecurity and have felt it many times in different areas of their lives. Removing this energetic blockage allows the heart to come into alignment on deeper levels meaning a vast variety of shift take place in all areas of life. This is enabling power of coming from our heart-space and not head-space. When we create from our hearts, it gives us the ability to live and love authentically from truth. The heart/brain connection is a powerful force of information in our bodies system.

The benefits of removing the heart-wall creates a huge impact on our life, not only with creativity but with deeper ability to give and receive love and abundance. The self-sabotaging patterns we have are a result of the heart protecting itself from potential pain. Every time the heart experiences hurt, loss, grief etc it can tear, break or shatter resulting in the subconscious mind building a protective layer in or around the heart to prevent any further pain. This is then how we form our self-sabotaging behaviours without having conscious awareness of it.

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