Is a short fuse destroying your relationships?

If not you, we’ve probably all met someone who goes from neutral to spiraling out of control of their emotions quicker than normal.

I’m not just talking about the short fuse of anger, people can have short fuses for; Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Complaining, Hatred, Judgment, Blaming, Fear, Jealousy, Insecurity, Hopelessness, Defensiveness, Stubbornness, Frustration, Panic and the list goes on! Why do we have these short fuses? At some stage in our experience we’ve experienced an intense emotional event or a series of events that have emotionally affected us. These emotions were not dealt with so they become stored in the body as trapped emotions. Anger is generally stored in the liver however it can store in any part of the body, hence the term “angry drunk” is a label we can place on many abusive drinkers. When the alcohol reaches the liver it’s the same as putting fuel in the fire, it lights up! This means that when we experience events that causes us to feel even a resonance of the emotion it generates in the part of the body the emotion is stored, it short fuses because it taps into all the past experiences of that emotion causing major imbalance and an overflow of that feeling.

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