Are unhealthy addictions ruling your life?

Work, Money, Destructive Relationships, Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Pornography, Illnesses, Junk Food, Sugar, Drama and the list goes on…

The key word is UNHEALTHY because it is possible to achieve success in work, finances or create harmony in life without the need for excess of one thing to bring in our source of love and happiness.

It’s the common misconception that if we release our addictions then we won’t be fulfilled because as unhealthy as it may be, the addiction is meeting our needs in the best way we know how. Ultimately if we knew how to do better we would but we do have that big scary word sitting right in front of us; CHANGE! People fear what change may bring but the truth is by releasing our Addictive Heart Energy we allow new healthy resources to enter our life.

The heart is designed to experience a wide range of positive emotions such as love, joy and peace. When our heart desperately wants to experience positive emotions from a place of lack, the heart then experiences negative emotions such as stress, heartache or abandonment etc. The subconscious mind can create a heart-wall to protect the heart from further pain and create an Addictive Heart Energy to resolve the desire. This means in order to fulfil the desire of love and joy it once felt, our heart creates a specific type of imbalance called an Addictive Heart Energy.

How this plays out in our lives is as an intense attractor field of energy which draws in inappropriate, unhealthy, harmful or negatively pleasurable experiences as a substitute for love and joy. This obsessive, addictive and destructive behaviour and problems often don’t cause pleasure at all. This can show up as an addiction in many different forms in our physical world as alcohol, sugar, illness, unhealthy relationships or being addicted to work, money or fame etc.

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