Entities, Cordings, Curses, Saboteurs and Hypnotic Suggestions

Every client I have worked with I have found and removed entities from, it doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist or a lightworker. We’re all vulnerable to being attacked, both by humans and entities no matter what our belief system is.

After working with several reiki practitioners and empaths, I’ve discovered, they have LOTS of entities attached to and around them. Despite calling upon god or the angels for protection and using various methods of clearing and protection. Entities can remain hidden, they can be deeply buried, and they can return if not completely dealt with by removing all attachments and connections!

To keep it simple, there are two types of entities I remove from people; Disembodied Spirits that were once mortal human beings that are now “ghosts”. These spirits will do anything to experience being in human flesh again, even if temporarily in a muffled way they attempt to enter the body.

Evil or Dark Spirits that never have, and never will have a physical body. Their main desire is to exert control over us, to addict us to anything they can to get us to do things that distances us from our purpose and our “creator”. The symptoms of entities can be depression, dark thoughts, inability to move ahead in life and even physical pain in the body. Overall entities will do anything to try to influence our thoughts and behaviour. It’s common for them to whisper in our ear with us thinking it’s our own thoughts! Entities can also create cording connections, place curses, saboteur us with energetic weapons, and make hypnotic suggestions with all of these having the ability to impact us in different ways in our health, wealth and relationships! Hypnotic Suggestions are the energy of a negative statement in the subconscious mind. Repetitive music, movies, video games or anything that can put the subconscious mind in a state of trance can open us up to a “suggestion”. The following can be self-inflicted, by another person or entity. In the case of another person, they don’t do some sort of magic, these are manifestations of negative speech, thoughts and feelings about another person or self. Cordings are an energetic connection between two points on the body. Cordings can be connected to different parts of the body which have different symbolism. This means it can impact the way we think, feel, react and sometimes feel down for no reason or like we’re being controlled. The neck, brain, gut, heart and sexual organs are all common places these connections can be made to although they can connect to any part of our energetic body. Curses are a sphere of energy that has been placed into the energy field, this does not require a voodoo doll or “magic spell”. Often located in the body part that corresponds with the intention of the curse, if the curse was to “shut your mouth” then the curse will be found in that area. Saboteurs are energy weapons that are placed into our energy field, usually a knife, hook, bullet, rope or chain. These are responsible for a lot of our physical pains. Ropes and chains are to stop us from moving forward in life.

Removing these energetic imbalances from our energy field is truly transformational and the results are so varied with clients. The results can be feelings of a new sense of self and direction in life, relief from severe pain, disconnection from past hurts and relationships, and new levels of love & happiness.

If you are interested in finding and removing any of the above then get in touch with me by clicking here. Love & Light Sean Kolders

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