Natural Medicine vs Western Medicine

The vast majority of healing literature in the western world is materialistic - based on materialism, which is the conceptual foundations of conventional medicine. This is known as upward causation which becomes limited by level of advancement in the medical and scientific world. How upward causation works; elementary particles make atoms, atoms make molecules, molecules make cells (neurons), neurons make the brain, the brain makes consciousness. Pharmaceuticals, unnecessary surgery, radiation therapy etc can all be avoided by selecting natures way of healing that have been available since the beginning of time which the ancient civilisations used.

In the energy medicine paradigm, we operate from downward causation meaning we work with consciousness which flows down to the particle creating a faster and more effective result. There are three primary currents;

One is based on the idea of "Mind over Body" that the mind causes disease and can also heal disease. Mind is not the brain! The Freudian idea is disease is suppressed by emotional thought, and awareness of the suppression can heal the very same. The second is based on the non-physical "life force" or "energy" commonly know as "chi" or "prana" which is the agent behind healing. This is the movement of energy through and out of the non-physical body. This is the core of the work I perform with my clients to remove emotional baggage and imbalances which allows the body to heal itself.

The third is the idea of non-physical spirit or "God", who is the healer in all cases of spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is "God's Grace". This can be self healing, or with a healer or the help of somebody else. The ultimate healing or "miracle" is given to the non-physical entity called "God" or Spirit.

Personally, "God" is a completely non-religious term for me, I am not of any religious faith and it can be also known as "Higher Power", "Creator", "All that is" etc etc. If you're curious to know how you can heal from your physical, mental or emotional problems then click here

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