Energetic Cording's & Drains

Cutting energetic connections to people, places and events can empower us to be free of the past and create a new reality!

Cording's can connect from; - Different parts of our own body or to parts of other people's body. - To groups of people, commonly ancestral cording's, including people deceased or alive. - We can be corded to different types of dark spirits and entities. - Places in the environment we've experienced trauma or emotional upsets. - Cording's that go into our past lives connecting to other souls or past life events. - Drains are most commonly going to controlling people in difficult situations and our past life fears.

Cording's are energetic connections that can be like a fishing line, a garden hose or a big pipe that connects from point to point. The older, and more limiting the cord, the thicker the tubing.

Cording's can have different energy flowing through them including; - an exchange of beliefs. - feelings are being swapped. - feelings / energy are being given or received only. - our life force energy is being drained. - the feelings from different memories and events are draining us.

The location of the cording has symbolism, an example is; a cording to the neck is commonly about control.

Cords can be two way or one way, either bringing us undesirable energy or costing us energy, or both!

Energy depletion, chronic or severe illness, fatigue and adrenal problems usually stem from life energy cords.

Co-dependant cords can be formed by a parent and child or can be highly problematic in relationships, especially if the cording remains after a separation from a past lover.

We can recognise when we have a cording if it is difficult to detach from a certain person, a group, situation, event or even a place. No matter how hard we try our thoughts and feelings seem to have a larger grasp on our will power to remove our-self.

There are many techniques for removing cords, sometimes we can remove cording's on our own with a visualisation or meditation technique, with the help of a higher power. Sometimes the cording's will just grow back or there will be more cording's remaining to be addressed.

If you're curious about finding out more about your personal cording's then book in for a time to chat.

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