MYTH: Time Heals

MYTH: Time Heals One of the most common things my clients say to me is; "I've already dealt with that". "I've already worked through that issue". "I've already let go of that". People often mistake suppressing issues in time as resolving them. People often work through 80% of the issue, with the illusion its enough to move on with life. People often don't recognise that our problems are symptoms, not the actual problem itself. If the biggest weed in the garden is "resentment towards our father" and we chop the head off the weed, it will grow back! The weed will generally not grow back as "resentment towards our father", it grows back as medical & health conditions and relationship issues. Bacteria feeds on guilt. Fungus feeds on resentment. Viruses feeds on lack of self worth. Finding the beliefs created during childhood will be the key to healing our relationships and medical issues today. Digestive issues are linked to abuse, anger, shame, fear and guilt. Blood disorders are linked to beliefs around nurturing, receiving love, co-dependence, fear of being alone and abandonment. Fatigue issues are linked to not knowing how to stop and rest, believing we have to "save the world", beliefs caused by resentments and regrets. When working through issues they require being resolved on the mental, emotional and spiritual level to allow the greatest transformation to take place. This then allows the physical body to easily heal and our external reality to shift! The difference that makes the difference is changing the core beliefs, clearing the compounded emotions and memories then reclaiming soul fragments and cutting old energetic connections. If you're ready to completely heal then give me a phone call or book in for an Introduction Session.

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