Understanding the Foundations to Energy Medicine and Healing. 

Combining Qauntum Physics, Spirituality, Kinesiology, Consciousness and Science

The Creator/Energy of All That Is on the Seventh Plane of Existence

There are seven colours in the rainbow and seven tones in a musical scale, each with a different vibratory rate.

There is also seven planes of existence on the spectrum of creation.

The slowest speed of vibration occurs on the physical plane that we experience day to day in a waking state, the highest speed of vibration is on the Seventh Plane. 


The Seventh Plane is the energy of All That Is, the energy that flows through all things.

It IS God, Creator, Love, Source, Divine or whatever you choose to call the 'Higher Power'.


On the Seventh Plane, we can utilise the energies of all the planes without being bound by any of the rules or laws to them.

This means on this plane we are not bound by duality and laws of space and time.

This is how all healing can be done by distance and be exactly the same as face to face, because the energy of the Seventh Plane creates the other planes.


For the scientific minds, it is the energy that makes the quarks that make the protons, neutrons and electrons that in turn make up the nucleus of an atom.


From accessing the Seventh Plane of Existence and using the creative power of the Energy of All That Is, we witness healings and miracles take place.

Manifesting is also most effective harnessing this plane and energy!

Everything is Energy, Vibration and Frequency


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

Emotions are Energy

E-Motion means; Energy in Motion


Absolutely everything in the universe is made of pure, vibrating energy.

Different things are vibrating at different frequencies and this is how our senses interpret things different from each other.

Humans have a dual nature

Humans have a physical body and we have an energetic body.


Two ways to understand this is;

Our energetic body is the template or blueprint for our physical body.

Our physical body is the hardware and our energy body is the software.


When we experience emotions they can become trapped within our body as energies which we refer to as “trapped energies”, “trapped emotions” or “emotional baggage”.


These energies are the most common type of imbalance in the body causing all sorts of physical, mental and emotional problems for people. 

Trapped emotions will also cause you to create more of their kind which means if you have a trapped emotion of depression, you’ll tend to feel depressed more often than you would if you didn’t have that trapped emotion.


Frequency & Vibration


We are broadcasting stations. Our conscious mind is like a radio where we can only be tuned into one station at a time.

Our subconscious has infinite potential and can be emitting multiple frequencies at any moment sending out a range of different messages and attractors to us.


Our energy body is the blueprint and with each emotion and imbalance that is released, the blueprint changes.


Our Intelligence


Our entire body is intelligent, not just the brain in our head. Our heart, our gut and our organs are separate intelligences within our body that perform certain functions and produce specific emotions or feelings.

Understanding that the organs in our bodies produce different emotions that we feel gives us power and awareness to make conscious shifts in our daily life. 


The Connection between Organs and Emotions


Ancient physicians were astute observers of the human body. They found that people whose lives were dominated by a certain emotion would have corresponding physical ailments. For example, people whose lives were ruled by anger seemed to suffer from liver and gall bladder trouble. People who spent their lives feeling grief would often suffer from lung or colon trouble. Fearful people seemed to have kidney and bladder problems. Eventually, a correlation was made between the emotions we experience and the various organs of the body.


It was believed that the organs themselves actually produced the emotions that people felt. In other words, if we are are feeling the emotion of fear, your kidneys or bladder are creating that particular energy or vibration. If we are feeling grief, it is being produced by our lungs or our colon, and so on. Of course, we now know that certain areas of the brain are activated when we feel certain emotions. We also know that there is a biochemical component to the emotions that we feel. Dr. Candace Pert, in her book Molecules of Emotion clearly explains this biochemical side of our nature, which is perfectly valid.


If we’re feeling an emotion of anger, it’s not coming entirely from our brain; it’s actually emanating from our liver or gall bladder. If we're feeling the emotion of betrayal, the emotion is emanating from our heart or our small intestine. Remember that we used to think the body and the mind were separate and distinct. There is now a dividing line that has now been blurred to the point where we don’t know where the influence of one begins and the other ends.

We are all Connected

It has been proven that when we feel love for another person, the heart signals we send out can be detected in the brainwaves of the person receiving the love.

The reality is, the entire human family is connected energetically. When people are suffering and dying on the other side of the earth, we feel their distant cries and anguish on a subconscious level and we are darkened by it. When something tragic happens in the world, the whole world feels it subconsciously, and is affected by it. On the other hand, when wonderful things happen in the world, we all are brightened together. The connectedness that we all have will often manifest as subtle thoughts that float up from the subconscious level to our conscious minds. 

We are Electromagnetic 

Scientists now know that the electromagnetic field of our heart extends 2 to 3.5 meters from our body in all directions, behind, above, below, in front and to our sides. 

Muscle testing

We can ask our subconscious mind "yes" or "no" questions, the same as a polygraph (lie detector).


Muscle testing provides a real window into what is going on in the mind/body. Using muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body’s internal computer system and find out where the imbalances are.

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