Are you ready to Integrate your Darkness & Activate your Light?

Sean is an Intuitive Channel & Energy Alchemist

Resolve Relationship Patterns and Change Limiting Beliefs

Release Emotional Blocks & Sabotage Patterns


Heal Childhood Wounds, Abuse & Trauma

Transform Family, Genetic & Ancestral Issues

Clear Karma & Past Life Issues

Activate a Stronger Connection to your Higher Self

Align with your Purpose & Mission

Restore Health, Vitality & Lifeforce Energy


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Dreamtime Healing with Holographic Kinetics

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Sean Kolders is trained and certified in Holographic Kinetics & ThetaHealing. Sean is not a licensed medical professional or doctor. Sean does not diagnose. Information provided by Sean is a suggested course of action. You always have a choice in your direction and future.  All session information must never take the place of a medical diagnose, treatment, or professional medical advice. Healing Sessions and Packages are non-refundable unless under special circumstances.