Energy Healing, Relationship Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

Heal Childhood Wounds & Trauma

Upgrade Relationship Patterns and Beliefs

Restore Health, Vitality & Lifeforce Energy

Release Emotional Blocks & Sabotage Patterns

Heal Family, Genetic & Ancestral Issues

Clear Karma & Past Life Issues

Activate Potential & Access Higher Self

Align with Purpose & Mission

Love Self & Love Life

Discover, Transform, Awaken, Integrate

Welcome, I am Sean Anthony Kolders.

I’m an Energy Healer, Relationship Coach & Spiritual Guide.


I've been helping everyone and anyone heal from any and every type of issue for 7 years with people from all over the world.

Sessions are done online and face to face with a focus on fast, effective and quality results by working on the highest priority issues.

A Personalised Transformation Journey is to Discover, Transform, Awaken and Integrate all that is needed to take someone from where they are to where they want to be by increasing self awareness, self love and empowerment.

I've guided, supported and healed thousands of people with the ultimate goal to connect people with their Higher Self and unlock their true potential by resolving issues from the past.

My mission is to help heal the wounds of humanity, to activate the highest aspects of self and inspire people to live a life of fulfilment.


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Sean Kolders is trained and certified in Holographic Kinetics & ThetaHealing. Sean is not a licensed medical professional or doctor. Sean does not diagnose. Information provided by Sean is a suggested course of action. You always have a choice in your direction and future.  All session information must never take the place of a medical diagnose, treatment, or professional medical advice. Healing Sessions and Packages are non-refundable unless under special circumstances.